March 2014


CHAOS Tuesday #37 is all about complexity. Our special guest for this show is Aloysio (Lou) Vianna is our South American Research Director for The Standish Group.  Lou is a project management professional and educator.  He has trained more than four thousand project managers.  For the last few years Lou has been examining the effect of complexity of project results.  Lou also provides practical advice on how to deal with project complexity.  In this program we explore:

  • Defining complexity
  • Complexity attributes
  • Dealing with complexity
  • Controlling complexity
  • Examples of complexity

Part of CHAOS Tuesday: looks at resources that can be used to control complexity.

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Lou Vianna

Aloysio (Lou) Vianna is the South American Research Director for The Standish Group. Lou is a project management professional and educator. He has trained more than four thousand project managers through his affiliation with Fundação Getulio Vargas and other educational outlets. His background includes work at the Naval Research Institute in Brazil and service in the Brazilian Navy. Lou received his masters in project management from George Washington University and his masters in engineering from McGill.



Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson is the founder and chairman of The Standish Group. He has been professionally involved in the computer industry for over 40 years and has a long list of published books, papers, articles and speeches. He has a combination of technical, marketing, and research achievements focused on mission-critical applications and technology. He is best known for his research on project performance and early recognizing technology trends. Jim is a pioneer of modern research techniques and continues to advance in the research industry through case-based analytical technology.


Rick Brutti

Rick Brutti has more than 30 years as an entrepreneur and business consultant, assisting companies in raising capital and financial management.


Steve Swartz

Steve Swartz is CEO at SIZZLE PR. Steve is a veteran in public relations, marketing strategies, promotional concepts and direct sales using online, print, broadcast and cable media.


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