February 2016

Make Your SHIFT: Part 1

Make Your SHIFT is a special 3-part 6-segment series with Beverly Flaxington on her new book. Beverly talks about both improving individual and corporate habits in this special interview series. In part 1: segment 1: we will explore the overview of the book “Make Your SHIFT”.  We talk about why it was important to write the book, what SHIFT stands for; we compare SHIFT to SMART; and the 3 major takeaways.  In the second segment of part one we learn how to achieve the S in SHIFT which specify the desired outcomes.  We also learn how specific should we get; how to manage ambiguity, and can we be too detailed.

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Beverly Flaxington

Beverly Flaxington is a business development , marketing and behavioral professional. She brings a distinctive and actionable perspective for business growth and success. Her results-oriented, hands-on style, allows clients to bring their teams together to train them to communicate effectively, work together seamlessly, and produce results. She is author, speaker, and college professor. Beverly is the Co-Founder and Principal of The Collaborative, a firm that is an innovator in business growth through real world experience.



Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson is the founder and chairman of The Standish Group. He has been professionally involved in the computer industry for over 40 years and has a long list of published books, papers, articles and speeches. He has a combination of technical, marketing, and research achievements focused on mission-critical applications and technology. He is best known for his research on project performance and early recognizing technology trends. Jim is a pioneer of modern research techniques and continues to advance in the research industry through case-based analytical technology.


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