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After 35 years as a corporate lawyer in Silicon Valley for companies such as Atari, NetLogic Microsystems and Global Motorsport, Lon Allan is now an educator of directors and C-Suite executives of public, private, venture-backled and non-profit entities at both the Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University and the Stanford Senior Executive Leadership Program.



CHAOS Tuesday #81 is titled “CRAPOLA”.  First, Jim Johnson and Harry Scott will review Modernization in Place.  We will consider the benefits of Modernization. Hans Mulder and Jim Johnson will consider design debt. Then Jim Johnson and Jim Crear will discuss the true meaning of CRAPOLA and how understanding the effects of CRAPOLA can lead to true breakthroughs. In our… Read more

May I be Inspired

CHAOS Tuesday #73: is titled “May I be Inspired”. Thornton May will give us his opinions on inspiration.  He provided examples of how leaders inspire people with hope.  He will discuss the leadership factory and modern leadership techniques. Thornton May is a futurist, educator, anthropologist and author. In addition to Thornton, Lon Allan will also tell us how to inspire people… Read more

Shit Detector

CHAOS Tuesday #69: is titled “Shit Detector”.  The first segment of this show we discuss with Lon Allan the benefits of a “Shit Detector” and how to use it in business and projects.  Lon will discuss some of the interesting history behind the shit detector. Lon Allan is dedicated to educating corporate directors of public, private, venture-backed and non-profit entities.  In… Read more

Tools for Fools

CHAOS Tuesday #93 is titled “Tools for Fools”. In Jim Johnson’s introduction he talks about the “Tools for Fools” research note and some of our findings.  In our first segment Dave Bicknell, Hans Mulder, and Frans Verstreken compares EPPM tools with emotional maturity. They also talk about improving emotional maturity.  In our second segment, Thornton May talks about banded words and phrases that can hurt innovation… Read more

“F-35" Project

CHAOS Tuesday #99 is titled “F-35" Project.  Our special guest for this show is Dan Ward. Dan is the author of FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant. Dan will provide his thoughts on the F35. PM2GO.com contribution is Jennifer Lynch book review of “What Matters Now”. Lon Allen supplies the CHAOS Cameo on his thoughts on clarity of purpose. In this… Read more

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