Great Panel

This panel is made up of notorious IT executives. In these panels the IT executives discuss and debate critical issues. Guests on the panel include Jim Crear, Bob Kelley, Bill Niemi and Jennifer Lynch.


Incomplete Requirements

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #21: “Are incomplete requirements a big deal? This is the question we debate on CHAOS Tuesday panel September 3, 2013.  Traditional PMI defines requirements gathering as the phase before you move to development.  Many organizations spend months, even years gathering requirements hoping to make them complete and accurate before transitioning to the development phase. In this… Read more

Innovation versus Governance

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #22: The majority of CIOs say governance stifles innovation.  In baseball, you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered a strong player.  Ted William 406 (40.6%) in 1941 still stands as the all time average batting record. How can a CIO promote innovation while keeping her or his job? This is the question we… Read more

Project Success versus Project Value

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #20: “Which is more important, project success or project value?” It turns out the project success and project value is orthogonal or at right angles to each other. The harder you strive for perfect success the lower your project value.  The harder you strive for greater values the lower the success rate. We know this because we… Read more

Team Building Part 2

CHAOS Tuesday #36 is team building part 2. No one can be successful without an organized, skilled, cooperative, and congenial team. Like a quarterback in football, you can do nothing without the front line for protection, a great running back to push through those holes in the defense, and great receivers to catch the play action pass or a long bomb. Each… Read more

True Cost of a Project

CHAOS Tuesday #34: We are going to discuss the true cost of a project. Last year we published an advisory on the true cost of a project.  In this research and report we saw that hidden costs were 50% or more of the budgeted costs.  Hidden costs included executive time, user time, education & training, user acceptance testing, and even cost… Read more

Trustworthy Vendors

CHAOS Tuesday #58: is titled “Trustworthy Vendors”.  We have two panels debating the issue of Trustworthy Vendors. On our first panel is my co-host Jim Crear. Our three guests are Michael Blanford, Bill Niemi, and Robert Cline.  Our second panel is made up of Marilyn Smith, Dan Horsey and Gene Bounds. A trustworthy vendor is an organization that you can… Read more

User Acceptance Testing

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #29: Our CIOs panel, Jim Crear, Bob Kelley and Bill Niemi discuss user acceptance testing (UAT) and general QA.  In most cases UAT involves the users physically testing and reporting back on the results of a new application or a major upgrade to an existing application. Other than the users there are three major groups that… Read more

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