Ed Tobin

Ed Tobin is a 20-year veteran in business technology development and solution design. He is a strategic and innovative thinker, quick to identify situational risks and opportunities. Ed is currently an independent consultant having just come back from Sydney, Australia working for the NSW Railroad. While working in Australia, Ed had a number of management and technical engagements. Prior to moving to Australia, Ed was the founder and VP product development of Driveway Corporation in San Francisco.


Blame it on Rio

CHAOS Tuesday #80 is titled “Blame it on Rio”.  Our South American Research Director, Lou Vianna, will update us on the progress the 2016 Summer Olympic projects.  He will also tell us what it is like to live in a city that is going through such a huge transformation.  In our second segment, Richard Mark Soley will discuss the reasons… Read more

The Good Sponsor

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #15: The Good Sponsor. Our Research shows that 62% of successful large projects had a skilled to highly skilled executive sponsor. Seventy (70%) percent of large project failures had a moderate to poorly skilled executive sponsor.  In this broadcast we have the CHAOS Team and Ed Tobin, a 20-year veteran in business technology development and solution… Read more

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