Richard Soley

Richard Soley is chairman and CEO of the Object Management Group, Inc. Dr. Soley is one of the great thought leaders of our time. He is constantly pushing the envelope on standards and technology. A frequent venture angel, Mr. Soley co-founded the Boston CTO Club.


Blame it on Rio

CHAOS Tuesday #80 is titled “Blame it on Rio”.  Our South American Research Director, Lou Vianna, will update us on the progress the 2016 Summer Olympic projects.  He will also tell us what it is like to live in a city that is going through such a huge transformation.  In our second segment, Richard Mark Soley will discuss the reasons… Read more

Common Vocabulary

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – Show 2: Common Vocabulary. In our second show, the team and our special guest, Richard Mark Soley, chairman and CEO of OMG, discuss using a common vocabulary. We define a common vocabulary as a collection of words and phrases that are defined and have meaning for everybody in the organization. We consider: Dealing with problems due… Read more

Good Scrum

CHAOS Tuesday #92 is titled “Good Scrum”.  In Jim Johnson’s introduction he provides our definition of the agile process, which is one of the 10 Factors of Value in the Factors of Value Report.  In our first segment Ken Schwaber tells us what makes a good scrum master, a good product owner, and a good scrum team.  In our second segment Richard Mark… Read more


 CHAOS Tuesday #76: is titled “Haze”. In this first segment Jim Johnson, Hans Mulder, Ilias Kontakos and Jim Crear will discuss the two recent research note: “Rethinking the Public Spending on ICT projects” written by Hans Mulder and Ilias Kontakos and “Haze” written by The Standish Group that provides a commentary on the Dutch proposal to reduce government project failures.  The major thrust of… Read more

Industrial Internet

CHAOS Tuesday #74: is titled  “The Industrial Internet”. Our special guest for this show is Richard Mark Soley. Dr. Soley is the founder and creator of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). Richard will first define the Industrial Internet and gives us an overview of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC).  He will then tell us the goals and objectives of the Industrial Internet Consortium… Read more

M2M of IoT

CHAOS Tuesday #97 is titled “M2M of IoT”.  Our special guest for this show is Richard Mark Soley.  Richard will provide his thoughts on machine to machine protocals for the Internet of Things. Richard talks about the test beds work for the Industrial Internet Consoltium. contribution is from Albert Soule on overloading the executive sponsor with too much information.… Read more

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