Joseph Raynus

Joseph Raynus provides industry consulting, mentoring and training for quality and process improvement initiatives, management of conflicting business objectives and development of measurement frameworks. Joseph is the author of several books including “Software Process Improvement with CMM. Raynus is an Adjunct Professor of Information Systems at Northeastern University College of Engineering, where he teaches courses in Information Systems.


Bad Scrum

Our special guest for this show is Ken Schwaber.  Ken will provide his thoughts on comparing bad agile versus good agile.  He will consider velocity versus value.  He will talk about managing agile teams. Joe Raynus supplies the CHAOS Cameo on his favorite Key Process Indicator (KPI).  In addition, I will provide a book review on Agile Estimating and Planning.    In… Read more

Business Case Keys

CHAOS Tuesday #102 is titled “Business Case Keys”.  Our special guest for this show is Joseph Raynus.  Joseph Raynus will provide his thoughts on keys to building a business case. contribution is Wayne Strider with suggestions on filtering to deal with a "Difficult" people. Michael O’Brochta supplies the CHAOS Cameo on his thoughts on executive sponsor education. In this show… Read more


CHAOS Tuesday #81 is titled “CRAPOLA”.  First, Jim Johnson and Harry Scott will review Modernization in Place.  We will consider the benefits of Modernization. Hans Mulder and Jim Johnson will consider design debt. Then Jim Johnson and Jim Crear will discuss the true meaning of CRAPOLA and how understanding the effects of CRAPOLA can lead to true breakthroughs. In our… Read more

Sustainable Innovation

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #26 Sustainable Innovation: Download this show from our new Sustainable innovation is process for supporting continuous innovation. Sustainable innovation is generating and validating ideas in a repeatable and predictable way. Innovation can be systematized to bring to idea generation, research, problem solving, market and technology advancements. In this show the CHAOS Team and our special guest, Joseph Raynus, industry consulting,… Read more

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