Ellen Hancock

Ellen Hancock is an experience senior executive having served as Chief Executive Officer of Exodus Communications, Inc. Chief Technology Officer of Apple Computer, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer of National Semiconductor Corporation. Mrs. Hancock worked at IBM for almost 30 years rising to the level of president and general manager of IBM’s Communication Products Division. Ellen is currently on the board of directors for several Fortune 500 and higher-level educational organizations.


Customer Councils

CHAOS Tuesday #67: is titled “Customer Councils”.  The first segment of this show Ellen Hancock provides a discussion on the merits and uses of Customer Councils. Ellen shows us how she used customer Councils at IBM Network Systems. Mrs. Hancock worked at IBM for almost 30 years rising to the level of president and general manager of IBM’s Communication Products… Read more

Fusion Theory

CHAOS Tuesday #88 is titled “Fusion Theory".  In the introduction Jim Johnson will explain Fusion Theory. In our first session Thornton May explains how his Value Studio works and how you can solve projects through his collaboration sessions.  In one session at Value Studios he relates a story from McDonald’s Restaurants on operational innovations.  In our second segment Ellen Hancock… Read more

On Fire: Part 3: Faster, Better, Cheaper

CHAOS Tuesday #48: Air Force LT. Col, Dan Ward is our special guest for the entire On Fire series.  This program series focuses on issues brought forth in his new book “FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant.  This show called “On Fire: Faster, Better, Cheaper” presents an in-depth discussion on the NASA’s Faster, Better, Cheaper program.  In addition to Dan, we… Read more

Standard Architectural Environment

CHAOS Tuesday #84 is titled “Standard Architectural Environment”.  The Standard Architectural Environment is a new CHAOS Factor of Success. In this session Jim Crear and Jim Johnson discuss why the change from “Tools and Infrastructure” to a Standard Architectural Environment. In our second segment Thornton May will discuss what a CEO wants in their CIO. Thornton May will also provide a… Read more

Tuesday @ the Museum Part 2: Serious Play

CHAOS Tuesday #51: is the second part of a four part series titled “Tuesday @ the Museum”.  Our special guest for this series is Marc Check, Associate Vice President, Information and Interactive Technology, Museum of Science of Boston.  In this show we consider some of the backroom projects, plus the creation of the “Hall of Life” exhibit.  Marc is leading… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 8

CHAOS Tuesday #45: is the eighth part of our series on why large projects fail. Ellen Hancock is our special guest. Ellen and Jim discuss common traits of project failure.  A highlight of the show is the discussion on measuring a portfolio of projects and products rather than individual projects.  Ellen talks about some of the events at IBM, Rolm, Apple and Exodus.… Read more

Without Process

CHAOS Tuesday #98 is titled “Without Process”.  Our special guest for this show is Ellen Hancock. Ellen will provide her thoughts on emotional maturity skills.  PM2GO.com contribution is from Herb Cohen on how to say "No”.  Ken Schwaber supplies the CHAOS Cameo on his thoughts on value versus success. In this show we will explore: Emotional Maturity How to say “No” Value versus… Read more

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