Michael O’Brochta

Michael O’Brochta is the President of Zozer inc. Zozer provides project management consulting expertise to leading organizations. For over 30 years O’Brochta worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) building and managing gadget projects to help their spies. Michael is an avid proponent of the project management profession. O’Brochta works tirelessly in advancing the knowledge and capability of the project management industry.


Business Case Keys

CHAOS Tuesday #102 is titled “Business Case Keys”.  Our special guest for this show is Joseph Raynus.  Joseph Raynus will provide his thoughts on keys to building a business case. PM2GO.com contribution is Wayne Strider with suggestions on filtering to deal with a "Difficult" people. Michael O’Brochta supplies the CHAOS Cameo on his thoughts on executive sponsor education. In this show… Read more

On Fire: Part 4: Failure Tolerance

CHAOS Tuesday #49: Air Force LT. Col, Dan Ward is our special guest for the entire On Fire series.  This program series focuses on issues brought forth in his new book “FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant.  This show called “On Fire: Failure Tolerance presents an in-depth discussion on organizations that have a tolerance and even positive attitude towards project failure. In… Read more

Servant Leadership

CHAOS Tuesday #72: is titled “Servant Leadership”. Servant leadership is defined as the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good. Our guests on our first segment are Gene Bounds, president of Bounds Associates, Marilyn Smith, the CIO for George Mason University. Dan Horsey, a senior information technology executive. They will discuss with… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 1

CHAOS Tuesday #38 is the first part of our series on why large projects fail.Our special guest for this program is Michael O’Brochta. Mr. O’Brochta was the original “Q” for the CIA. Michael discusses his major takeaways from the BigBang Boom paper such as users’ involvement and the iterative process.  He relates strong project management and projects to a new NPAC. .  In… Read more

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