Dick LeFave

Dick LeFave is Independent IT Consultant and corporate board member. Mr. LeFave, CIO level advisory service, specializes in helping organizations in IT transformation and M&A implementation. Dick’s experience includes over 25 years at the CIO level and 35 years in various IT executive positions. Dick worked with AMDOCS, Ciena, Nextel, Sprint, and Southern New England Telephone.


Tuesday @ the Museum Part 3: Human Life

CHAOS Tuesday #52: is the third part of a four part series titled “Tuesday @ the Museum”.  The highlight of this show is a new segment called “CHAOS on the Couch” with Evan Sorensen, founder of New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.  In this show we do a deep dive into the “Hall of Human Life” at the… Read more

Tuesday @ the Museum Part 4: Success Defined

CHAOS Tuesday #53: is the fourth part of a four part series titled “Tuesday @ the Museum”.  Our special guest for this series is Marc Check, Associate Vice President, Information and Interactive Technology, Museum of Science of Boston. This show is called Tuesday @ the Museum Part 4: The Definition of Success.  A highlight of this show is the first… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 3

CHAOS Tuesday #40 is the third part of our series on why large projects fail. Our special guest is Dick LeFave. Dick LeFave is an experienced Telecom CIO. This show highlights the experiences Dick had during the first NPAC projects and other large projects. Dick encourages the need for continuous Innovation in the telecom industry and how NPAC is a platform for Innovation.… Read more

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