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Tony Collins writes a blog for ComputerWorldUK and is freelance writer. Tony co-founded Campaign4Change. Tony worked as editor and writer for Computer Weekly. Tony co-wrote a book of IT project management case studies called Crash (Simon & Schuster).


Application Modernization

CHAOS Tuesday #63: is titled “Application Modernization”. Step 3 of Modernization in Place is application modernization.   Harry Scott will discuss with us how to improve your legacy applications by adopting modern languages, techniques and technologies.  This includes using a service-oriented architecture (SOA).  Harry Scott is the co-founder of Carr Scott Software. Carr Scott Software specializes in database, middleware, and modernization… Read more

Fusion Theory

CHAOS Tuesday #88 is titled “Fusion Theory".  In the introduction Jim Johnson will explain Fusion Theory. In our first session Thornton May explains how his Value Studio works and how you can solve projects through his collaboration sessions.  In one session at Value Studios he relates a story from McDonald’s Restaurants on operational innovations.  In our second segment Ellen Hancock… Read more

On Fire: Part 2: Complexity versus Easy

CHAOS Tuesday #47: Air Force LT. Col, Dan Ward is our special guest for the entire On Fire series.  This program series focuses on issues brought forth in his new book “FIRE: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant.  This show called “On Fire: Complexity versus Easy” presents an in-depth discussion on the difference between things that are complex and things that are… Read more

Small Projects

CHAOS Tuesday #75: is titled “Small Projects”.  In this first segment Jim Johnson and Jim Crear will discuss the merits and benefits of small projects.  The Standish team will show how to break up large software projects into small deliverables.  In this segment for the first time we will discuss the advantages of taking a break or project time out.  In the second segment Dave Bicknell, Tony… Read more

Vendors Overpromising

CHAOS Tuesday #54: is titled “Vendors Overpromising”.  We consider the issue of vendors promising more than they can deliver either on purpose or because of a lack of understanding.  Our special guests are Dave Bicknell & Tony Collins authors of Crash: Ten Easy Ways to Avoid a Computer Disaster.  We will discuss with Tony and Dave a new program of… Read more

Why Large Projects Fail Part 2

CHAOS Tuesday #39 is the second part of our series on why large projects fail. Our special guests are Dave Bicknell & Tony Collins authors of Crash: Ten Easy Ways to Avoid a Computer Disaster. Dave and Tony relate some of the UK projects, such as the London Stock Exchange and the Universal Credit projects to the possibility of a new… Read more

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