Evan Sorensen

Evan Sorensen is the founder and director of the New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy. After earning his MS Degree from Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology in 1995, Evan held clinical and executive leadership positions with well-known organizations in California and New Hampshire. Evan is currently an adjunct faculty professor for Providence College and Seminary – Graduate School of Counseling Psychology at the Calgary and Manitoba, Canada campuses.


Attentive Listening

CHAOS Tuesday: Conversations in CHAOS – #17: Ninety-eight percent of CIOs said attentive listening is an important skill for their project managers, but only about half the project managers are good at it.  Attentive listening is more than hearing just their words, but understanding their body language, facial expressions and demeanor. In order for us to understand attentive listening skills we recruited… Read more

CHAOS Tool Time

CHAOS Tuesday #55: is titled “CHAOS Tool Time”. This is a first part of a ten part segment series on agile management tools. In these segments we will explore how these tools aid in the agile process and methods.  We look at the basic features and functions that they provide.  We consider how agile software organizations keep the tools lean… Read more

Failure Tolerance Theory

CHAOS Tuesday #90 is titled “Failure Tolerance Theory”.  In the introduction Jim Johnson will explain Failure Tolerance Theory which one of the 10 theories in the CHAOS Manifesto 2015. Evan Sorensen provides his thoughts on seeking validation and gaining feed back.  Evan Sorensen explains the difference between good and bad validation and feedback. The book of the week is Failing… Read more


 CHAOS Tuesday #76: is titled “Haze”. In this first segment Jim Johnson, Hans Mulder, Ilias Kontakos and Jim Crear will discuss the two recent research note: “Rethinking the Public Spending on ICT projects” written by Hans Mulder and Ilias Kontakos and “Haze” written by The Standish Group that provides a commentary on the Dutch proposal to reduce government project failures.  The major thrust of… Read more

I Feel Smarter

CHAOS Tuesday #68: is titled “I Feel Smarter”.  This show is dedicated to learning how to make others feel smarter. Working with people on a project is often like having a second family. One of the ways to make people comfortable and inspire them is to make them feel smart. Even Sorensen will enlighten us on some of the techniques he recommends… Read more

I Hate You

CHAOS Tuesday #57: is titled “I Hate You”. Our special guest for this show is Evan Sorensen is the founder and director of the New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Like families, projects often have members that just don’t like each other. Sometimes these sour relationships is temporary, other times it is longed lived.  In any case people… Read more

Kicking the Can

CHAOS Tuesday #82 is titled “Kicking the Can.”  In this session, Jim Crear and Jim Johnson talk about the problems with the MBTA and how years of kicking the can down the road caused their current situation and delayed the future. Jim and Jim will relate this very visible situation to legacy systems that have less visibility. In our second… Read more

May You Learn

CHAOS Tuesday #71: is titled “May You Learn”.  In our first session we will learn about the second and third most important lessons from the IT Leadership Academy Value Studio. The energetic Thornton May is a futurist, author, and educator.  He leads the IT Leadership Academy, and FutureScapes Advisors, Inc.  May is a consummate research professional that has perfected the… Read more

Modest Execution

CHAOS Tuesday #87 is titled “Modest Execution”.  Modest Execution is an update to CHAOS Factor of Success. In this session Jim Crear and Jim Johnson will first define Modest Execution. The Jim team will also show what is in Modest Execution and the benefits of Modest Execution.  The Jim team will also discuss why the change from Execution to “Modest… Read more

Overbearing Stakeholders

CHAOS Tuesday #64: is titled “Overbearing Stakeholders” A project stakeholder is an individual that is involved in, or may be affected by, project activities. An overbearing stakeholder is a person that wants to control the behavior of the project team in an annoying or unwanted way. In this program, Evan Sorensen helps us understand how to deal with overbearing stakeholders.  Evan is… Read more

Toxic Person

CHAOS Tuesday #61: is titled “Toxic Person”.  A toxic person can demoralize other team members. The notion of toxic comes from the idea of poisoning the well so others cannot drink from it.  In this program, Evan Sorensen helps us understand how to deal with a toxic person. Knowing how to manage a toxic developer or stakeholder could be very influential… Read more

Tuesday @ the Museum Part 3: Human Life

CHAOS Tuesday #52: is the third part of a four part series titled “Tuesday @ the Museum”.  The highlight of this show is a new segment called “CHAOS on the Couch” with Evan Sorensen, founder of New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.  In this show we do a deep dive into the “Hall of Human Life” at the… Read more

Tuesday @ the Museum Part 4: Success Defined

CHAOS Tuesday #53: is the fourth part of a four part series titled “Tuesday @ the Museum”.  Our special guest for this series is Marc Check, Associate Vice President, Information and Interactive Technology, Museum of Science of Boston. This show is called Tuesday @ the Museum Part 4: The Definition of Success.  A highlight of this show is the first… Read more

Vendors Overpromising

CHAOS Tuesday #54: is titled “Vendors Overpromising”.  We consider the issue of vendors promising more than they can deliver either on purpose or because of a lack of understanding.  Our special guests are Dave Bicknell & Tony Collins authors of Crash: Ten Easy Ways to Avoid a Computer Disaster.  We will discuss with Tony and Dave a new program of… Read more

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