Lee Cunningham

Lee Cunningham is the Director of Enterprise Agile Enablement at VersionOne. He works with senior organizational leaders around the globe, assisting them in developing business agility through alignment of all parts of the enterprise. He believes it is necessary for people to enjoy their work in order to consistently deliver high-value, high-quality products and services, and he derives great satisfaction in helping them do so.


Agile Trends

CHAOS Tuesday #62: is titled “Agile Trends”. In this program we discuss with Lee Cunningham some the trends we are both seeing in the agile world.  The trend includes the growth of agile and some issues around the growth. Lee Cunningham is the Director of Enterprise Agile Enablement at VersionOne, Inc. Lee is a Scrum master and instructor. He has… Read more

CHAOS Tool Time

CHAOS Tuesday #55: is titled “CHAOS Tool Time”. This is a first part of a ten part segment series on agile management tools. In these segments we will explore how these tools aid in the agile process and methods.  We look at the basic features and functions that they provide.  We consider how agile software organizations keep the tools lean… Read more

Factors of Success

CHAOS Tuesday #77 is titled “Factors of Success”. In this first segment Jim Johnson and Jim Crear will discuss the new CHAOS Factors of Success report. The CHAOS Factors of Success were determined by our new approach to calculating successful, challenged and failed project resolutions.  The new report and our talk discuss why there have been no real improvements in project success for 20 years.… Read more

I Feel Smarter

CHAOS Tuesday #68: is titled “I Feel Smarter”.  This show is dedicated to learning how to make others feel smarter. Working with people on a project is often like having a second family. One of the ways to make people comfortable and inspire them is to make them feel smart. Even Sorensen will enlighten us on some of the techniques he recommends… Read more

I Hate You

CHAOS Tuesday #57: is titled “I Hate You”. Our special guest for this show is Evan Sorensen is the founder and director of the New England Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy.  Like families, projects often have members that just don’t like each other. Sometimes these sour relationships is temporary, other times it is longed lived.  In any case people… Read more

Modernization in Place

CHAOS Tuesday #56: is titled “Modernization in Place”. This is a first part of an eight part segment series on modernizing legacy applications. In these segments we will explore the basics of Modernization in Place and the six-step method to modernize applications. We compare this approach to rewriting the application and buying a package. Our special guest for this series… Read more

Overbearing Stakeholders

CHAOS Tuesday #64: is titled “Overbearing Stakeholders” A project stakeholder is an individual that is involved in, or may be affected by, project activities. An overbearing stakeholder is a person that wants to control the behavior of the project team in an annoying or unwanted way. In this program, Evan Sorensen helps us understand how to deal with overbearing stakeholders.  Evan is… Read more

Servant Leadership

CHAOS Tuesday #72: is titled “Servant Leadership”. Servant leadership is defined as the skill of influencing people to work enthusiastically toward goals identified as being for the common good. Our guests on our first segment are Gene Bounds, president of Bounds Associates, Marilyn Smith, the CIO for George Mason University. Dan Horsey, a senior information technology executive. They will discuss with… Read more

The User Experience

CHAOS Tuesday #59: is titled “The User Experience”. In this show we have two segments on the User Experience.  In our first segment: Modernization in Place Step 2 with Harry Scott, we discuss how to improve the user experience when modernizing legacy application. The user experience goes much deeper than user interface. The user experience must support a variety of… Read more

Toxic Person

CHAOS Tuesday #61: is titled “Toxic Person”.  A toxic person can demoralize other team members. The notion of toxic comes from the idea of poisoning the well so others cannot drink from it.  In this program, Evan Sorensen helps us understand how to deal with a toxic person. Knowing how to manage a toxic developer or stakeholder could be very influential… Read more

Trump Cards

CHAOS Tuesday #85 is titled “Trump Cards”.  The Trump Cards is the combination of the agile process and small projects.  In this session Jim Crear and Jim Johnson will first define Trump Cards.  The Jim team will also discuss the benefits of the Trump Cards and how to use them to create a winning hand.  In our second segment Lee… Read more

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