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Robert Kelley

Robert Kelley is a senior professional with experience in IT from start-ups and Fortune 200 companies. Mr. Kelley has much experience with SAP and Oracle, especially in FDA compliance and governance.

Jim Kneeland

Jim Kneeland is currently the Executive Program Director for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, RMV Division, responsible for a $100+ million dollar innovation effort to rewrite all the applications at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. An MBA and PMP, Jim is also a certified and warranted federal contract officer and taught IT at Northeastern University for over 20 years. As CIO for the Registry of Motor Vehicles in the early nineties he implemented a number of state-of-the art IT solutions which included the credit card style license.

Ilias Kontakos

Dr. Ilias Kontakos is a specialist in ICT based regional development. He has been involved in designing strategies and implementing a variety of ICT projects for Central and regional government in Greece. Since 2012, he is operating between Greece, The Netherlands and Belgium as an independent policy and investment advisor, focusing on sectors related to new technology integration in regional development process (e.g. ICT4D) and environment with a view to achieve the highest possible returns.

David Korkosz

David Korkosz has had a long and successful career as an independent executive coach. Mr. Korkosz has coached some of the world’s business leaders. He has a BSEE from MIT and a MS from Cornell University.

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